SK hynix at CES 2020: A Glimpse to the Future

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SK hynix’s memory-centric world at CES 2020

At SK hynix, we’re in a state of constant movement – learning, searching, refining, questioning and creating. We don’t stay still for very long. Charging into the distance towards “the next big thing,” we systematically seek out new technology and work studiously to implement it. This always-on mentality is driven by our common vision for the world, for the future. An idea of a community empowered by its technology.

Last week at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, SK hynix joined thousands of fellow forward-thinkers, constant-movers and future-creators to take a look at the next phase of technology across sectors. At the booth, SK hynix gave attendees a glimpse of this not-so-distant future – a look into a truly “memory-centric world.” A futuristic environment where data processing speeds are lightning fast; where smartphones use 3D data to create exceptional augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) experiences; where cars can drive themselves; and where the 5G network is ubiquitous and content is easier than ever to access, stream, download and transfer.

Step into the SK hynix experience

With so much to share and only a few days to share it, SK hynix focused on six key innovation categories: artificial intelligence, AR/VR, automotive, Internet of Things, big data, and 5G. Over the four days, the SK hynix booth welcomed more than 38,000 visitors all curious to step into its futuristic city of memory.

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Once visitors stepped into the SK hynix booth, they became “tourists” in our memory centric world – and our brand representatives were there to show them around. Attendees at the booth were also met with two interactive games – the Big Wheel Game and the Quiz Vending Machine – inviting them to fully engage with the brand and possibly win its Gold S31 solid state drives (SSD). In its experience zone, guests experienced SK hynix’s CES-announced consumer SSD and CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) through a demo – taking photos of themselves and then watching as the CIS recognized the subjects, transferred them into digital signals, and finally converted them to photos.

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Stars of the show

As always, we let our tech do the talking. Our memory showstoppers this year included:

  • Our newest offering of “Gold P31 PCIe NVMe consumer SSD, built with the company’s 128-layer NAND flash
  • Our holographic performance show giving visitors a look at how the four SK group affiliates’ technologies look in a future world
  • Evolving CIS technology, an essential element for establishing effective environments for AR/VR and IoT
  • HBM2E and DDR5 for servers– all highly regarded for their stability, speed, low power consumption and density excellence
  • The cutting-edge and highly durable LPDDR4X and eMMC 5.1, optimized for automobiles
  • Our LPDDR5 and UFS, which enhance 5G mobile devices

See you in the future

With another successful CES saved to our SSD, it’s time for our teams to get back to creating, innovating, and well, moving. We hope to see you next year at CES 2021, but keep an eye on our newsroom in the meantime for cutting-edge announcements throughout the year.