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The Books That Changed Us: SK hynix Employees Reveal Lessons Learned From Their Favorite Titles on World Book Day

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Books are great companions. They raise and answer questions. Open up new worlds and offer us the chance to escape our own. Provide us with knowledge and entertainment. Perhaps above all else, books teach us lessons that we carry with us throughout our lives.

To mark World Book and Copyright Day on April 23, SK hynix employees from three different global offices shared the lessons and values they learned from their most-beloved books. From gratitude and patience to being more proactive, discover what each of them learned from reading and how it has influenced their lives in and out of work.

“Gratitude Goes a Long Way in Creating an Ideal Work Environment”

“Gratitude Goes a Long Way in Creating an Ideal Work Environment”

As the lead HR business partner who is also in charge of talent management at SK hynix America, Jinwook provides senior staff with HR consultations which enhance morale so the team can achieve its business goals. Outside of work, one of her own goals is to keep up with her reading.

She joined an online book club with about eight other members when the COVID-19 pandemic began. After reading a book every month for two years, she made it a habit to look out for newly released books. Jinwook believes that books have made her wiser and more cultivated. In the end, she hopes to become more self-aware through reading. As one of her favorite quotes says: “Change in any behavior or habit begins with self-awareness.”

What book helped you develop into the person you are today?

Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant made me think twice about the words ‘originality’ and ‘creativity.’ In the book, being original does not always mean that you are the first one to be a mover. In fact, many of the so-called originals throughout history waited for the right time to act and, contrary to belief, emphasized stability. Consequently, I don’t deliberately take reckless risks just for the sake of being original or creative. If I want to be original or creative, I know it’s okay to take time, admit my mistakes, and learn from them.”

What book positively influenced your work habits?

The Power of Moments: Why Certain Moments Have Extraordinary Impact by Chip and Dan Heath helped me to create more decisive moments in my life. While our lives consist of many moments, only decisive moments are remembered in the long run. In the book, researchers mention that those who practice gratitude will feel a rush of happiness. In fact, it is one of the most pronounced and long-lasting spikes of happiness found in any psychological intervention. Consequently, showing even a bit of gratitude can go a long way in creating an ideal work environment for you and your co-workers. It’s the small things like, ‘I noticed what you did, and I appreciate it.’”

What’s your favorite quote from this book?

Defining moments can be consciously created. You can be the architect of moments that matter.

“This quote reminds me that we can choose the type of moments we experience and can control whether these moments define who we are.”

“Everything That’s Important in Life Takes Some Patience”

“Everything That’s Important in Life Takes Some Patience”

Based in Frankfurt, Daniel acts as a lead for sales operations in the European division of SK hynix. When he gets back home from work, he always reads to his young daughter before she goes to sleep.

Although he rarely has time to delve into his own fantasy novels, he always enjoys seeing his daughter explore the fantasy worlds of her books. By putting his own interests temporarily aside for the sake of his family, Daniel learned the value of patience.

What book helped you develop into the person you are today?

“The Harry Potter series really taught me about the importance of friendship. From reading about Harry’s adventures with Hermione and Ron by his side, I learned how crucial it is to build strong friendships with those who will support you no matter what. These books also helped me professionally as they highlighted how important it is to believe in myself in order to achieve personal excellence.”

What lessons have you learned from reading which have helped you at work?

“I learned that it takes a lot of patience to read to a child. When I am reading to my daughter, she wants to see the same parts again and again, so I definitely learned how to be more patient. Likewise, it takes a lot of patience to train colleagues at work. You must be willing to take your time in explaining the necessary steps for processes to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Everything that’s important in life takes some patience.”

What is your favorite quote from the last book that you read?

Marie is always by Teddy’s side, so she can help him when he is hurt.

“This is a quote from a book I read to my daughter. As I would say I am a caring person, I believe this quote reflects my personality when it comes to work or personal issues. I always try to make myself available for my colleagues to give them the support they need.”

“Be Proactive When Faced With Challenges”

“Be Proactive When Faced With Challenges”

At SK hynix Japan, Ryushin is mainly in charge of sample certification and defect-related support for domestic customers. At home, his daily routine consists of reading before going to bed as he tries to distance himself from the distractions of his smartphone.

He says that books offer him a chance to look inside himself. Reading ultimately helps him to reflect on his sensitivities, knowledge, and experiences, giving him the power to change himself when needed.

What book helped you develop into the person you are today?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. This book helped me to break my lazy habits so I could head in a better direction. The first habit mentioned in the book—being proactive—had the biggest impact on me. Since I was young, I was always somewhat passive so this book really introduced me to the benefit of starting and finishing things. Not only did I start solving problems and searching for new opportunities, but I also set greater goals as I experienced the feeling of accomplishment.

“Being proactive at work helps us to control our reactions when we have to overcome obstacles. If we have a slightly passive attitude during these moments, we tend to focus solely on avoiding the situation all together rather than trying to creatively come up with a solution. That is why it is so important to be proactive when faced with challenges.”

What book positively influenced your work habits?

Issue Driven by Kazuto Ataka was very useful in developing my problem-solving skills. I’ve come to realize that the essence of problem-solving starts with identifying the underlying issue, and understanding the structure of the problem. The Japanese word “somosomo-ron” has the meaning “in the first place.” I believe that in order to grasp the essence of a problem, it is important to always remember how things were before the problem occurred.”

What is your favorite quote from this book?

The word ‘worrying’ means that you are pretending to think while believing that there is no solution.

“This quote made me realize that I needed to develop a more productive mindset so I could actively solve problems and not simply be satisfied that I was worried about them. Although I still have a lot of worries, I have found a way to resolve issues in a more productive way.”

Never-Ending Stories and Lessons

As with readers around the world, SK hynix employees have benefited from reading in their personal and professional lives. Each of the interviewees have learned profound lessons from their favorite works which have made them who they are today. SK hynix celebrates the beauty found in books as they offer employees a way to grow and develop in the office and beyond.