SK hynix’s Evolution in CIS HDR Technology and Future Outlook

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While smartphone cameras have improved over the years, they still lag behind DSLR cameras in terms of low-light image quality and dynamic range performance. To address this issue, SK hynix has been working on developing high dynamic range (HDR) technology to allow users to experience better smartphone cameras. 
In this insightful EE Times article, Suram Cha, Technical Leader of the Next Gen Biz Team at SK hynix, delves into the company’s pioneering work in HDR technology, which has enhanced smartphone camera capabilities and provided an elevated user experience. 
The evolution of SK hynix’s HDR technology began with quad-sensor HDR (QHDR) in 2017, which used multiple exposure time-based HDR technology. This was followed by staggered HDR (sHDR) in 2018, which optimized image quality and dynamic range by collaborating between the sensor and the application processor. In 20212022, SK hynix developed intra-scene dual conversion gain (iDCG)-HDR technology, which merged high and low conversion gain images to expand the dynamic range. In 2023, the company introduced dual analog gain (DAG)-HDR, which achieved the effect of HDR by capturing frames with two different analog gains. Finally, SK hynix combined DAG and iDCG HDR to create a technology that minimizes motion artifacts while improving dynamic range under various shooting conditions. 
SK hynix’s commitment to advancing HDR technology reflects its dedication to empowering all smartphone users with the full potential of HDR to deliver high-quality photos in any lighting condition. 
To learn more about SK hynix’s evolution in CIS HDR technology and the company’s future outlook, read the full EE Times article here: SK hynix’s Evolution in CIS HDR Technology and Future Outlook


By Suram Cha, Technical Leader of Next Gen Biz Team, SK hynix