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SK hynix Generates 7.6T Won in Social Value in 2022

By June 12, 2023 December 5th, 2023 No Comments

News Highlights

  • Indirect contribution to economy of 7.7853 trillion won, environmental performance of business activity of -1.0423 trillion won, social performance of business activity of 841.5 billion won
  • Indirect contribution to economy decreased by industry downturn, social performance increased by enhanced company culture
  • First SK affiliate to conduct partner SV measurement, created 1.4698 trillion won of social value from 13 partners
  • “Devote to enhance social value, ESG management capabilities in the semiconductor ecosystem”

Seoul, June 12, 2023

SK hynix Inc. (or “the company”, today announced that it generated 7.5845 trillion won in social value last year.

SK hynix’s generation decreased by 20% in 2022 from 9.4173 trillion won recorded in 2021. By category, indirect contribution to economy totaled 7.7853 trillion won, while environmental performance of business activity recorded a negative 1.0423 trillion won and social performance of business activity reached 841.5 billion won.

Indirect contribution to economy decreased 20% from a year ago due to the decrease in tax payments by semiconductor industry downturn from last year. However, SK hynix devoted 37% of SK group’s total indirect contribution to economy which accounts approximately 20.8000 trillion won.

Social performance of business activity increased 29% from a year ago due to the improvement in ‘life quality of employees’ and the expansion of support for partner companies. Last year, SK hynix implemented various benefits such as ▲Happy Friday ▲Increase in parental leave ▲Family friendly vacation system to balance work and life of employees.

In addition, the company’s efforts to vitalize the domestic semiconductor ecosystem by fostering ‘technological innovative companies’ every year and strengthening technological cooperation to localize material and equipment contributed to social performance of business activity.

In the area of environment, however, negative impact increased by 9%. “As semiconductor production increased last year with company’s all-time high annual revenue, resource consumption and greenhouse gas emission naturally increased. But, such negative result was somewhat offset by development of low-power products, adoption of greenhouse gas reduction facilities and renewable energy migration including Green Premium System,” the company said.

Meanwhile, SK hynix expanded the measurement scope of social value to supply chain for the first among SK group affiliates. This is due to company’s judgement that creating SV and enhancing ESG management capabilities in the entire ecosystem beyond the company was essential to fulfill various ESG reinforcement demands from domestic and global stakeholders.

“As a result of consulting with 13 partners* in various industries, including material, equipment, logistics and environmental service, a total of 1.4698 trillion won social value was created in 2022. With this year’s evaluation, it is meaningful that partners have set up self-sustaining management system for SV and ESG data,” the company said.

*Included partners: DAEDUCK ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd /Dong Woo Fine-Chem Co., Ltd./MiCoCeramics Ltd./Veolia Industrial Development Korea/SIMMTECH Co., Ltd./WONIK Materials Co.,Ltd./WONIK HOLDINGS CO.,LTD./Eugene Technology Co.,Ltd./ KCTECH CO., LTD/ KoMiCo Ltd./ Techwing, Inc./ PNS Logis Co.,Ltd./ Hana Micron INC.

The partners above agreed that they would continue to put efforts onward to create more social values by upgrading the management system.

Kim Youn-wook, Vice President for Corporate Sustainability Management at SK hynix, said, “the company will continue to work together with various stakeholders, including its partners, to have positive impact in the semiconductor ecosystem and the society.”

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SK hynix Inc., headquartered in Korea, is the world’s top tier semiconductor supplier offering Dynamic Random Access Memory chips (“DRAM”), flash memory chips (“NAND flash”) and CMOS Image Sensors (“CIS”) for a wide range of distinguished customers globally. The Company’s shares are traded on the Korea Exchange, and the Global Depository shares are listed on the Luxemburg Stock Exchange. Further information about SK hynix is available at,

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