SK hynix is a Game Changer

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For millennia, technology has been a constant, highly adaptable and invaluable asset across the globe that is constantly changing, and being changed by, the world around it.

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For millennia, technology has been a constant, highly adaptable and invaluable asset across the globe that is constantly changing, and being changed by, the world around it. And as such, the progress and advancement of humankind is intrinsically linked to the progress and advancement of technology. SK hynix holds this belief firmly and operates its business accordingly. With a tenacious commitment to technological innovation, we believe in the potential of our work to create a brighter and faster future.

From bringing Nintendo to Korea with the Hyundai Comboy in 1989, to providing the top tier SSD’s for modern gamers with the Gold S31, SK hynix was and continues to be a true game changer. The gaming industry has seen many different advancements since the creation of Pong in 1972 and has brought entertainment to many households all over the world since. Popularity had continued to grow over the past decades with iconic titles including Pac-Man, Street Fighter, StarCraft, and more recently League of Legends and Overwatch.

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A huge difference that we’ve seen is the increased demand for gamers to play across multiple platforms. As GfK IT industry expert Pavlin Lazarov said in last August, “Linear gaming has grown into a multi-platform gaming, on PC, console and smartphones…Although the landscape
might be changing, the desire for immersive gameplay will remain…Gaming has evolved into a massive ecosystem and a lifestyle with far-reaching social and business implications, and it seems that its journey is far from over.”

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The era of gaming continues to bloom. With the increased popularity among open-world titles, gamers are continually looking for powerful memory and increased reliability in their technology, allowing them to play with minimal hitches and hiccups. As the gaming population grows rapidly, the gaming hardware market is pressing to keep up. Solid-state drives (SSD) are at the forefront of this growth as the technology provides a faster speed to reduce the interference of the game and brings extreme versatile to be fitted in a variety of high-performance devices.

SK hynix entered the SSD market for the first time in 2012, and since then, we have become the world’s leading memory provider by rigorously producing products that require proven performance, reliability and durability. During that period, our brand focus was centered on working with server clients and PC OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) to provide enterprise and client SSD. In August, however, we were excited to bring our legacy of top-tier enterprise drives to US consumers. We are confident in the industry and in our product competitiveness to deliver the best-in-class performance that SK hynix is known for.

Well accustomed to quick changes and rapid learning, gamers embrace new technologies and often respond quickly to products that fit their needs. We continually keep that in mind when producing our latest innovations. The gamer and the gaming experience remain top-of-mind, and was a huge factor in the creation of the Gold S31. It is the most reliable SSD in its class with the greatest endurance and longest terabytes written.

Like SK hynix’s core technology, this high-performance SSD pushing the limits, providing users with next-level speed, superior quality, and guaranteed reliability. By maintaining a laser-sharp
focus on our semiconductor innovations for 36 years, SK hynix has continually refined its reputation, and the Gold S31 SSD sets a dynamic new standard for storage devices. With 600TB W, Gold S31 is pushing the envelope on performance and durability through every title, every save, and every boss battle.