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SK hynix Named as Memory & Storage Solutions Partner to Support Latest AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processor

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Seoul, August 8, 2019

SK hynix Inc. (or ‘the Company’, announced today that its DRAM and Enterprise SSD (eSSD) solutions, including the up-to-date 1Ynm 8Gb DDR4 DRAM, have been fully tested and validated with the new AMD EPYC™ 7002 Generation Processors, which were unveiled during AMD’s launch event on August 7.

The Company has worked closely with AMD to provide memory solutions fully compatible with the 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors, targeting high performance data centers.

The SK hynix DDR4 DRAM supports the maximum speed of 3200Mbps of the 2nd Gen EPYC™ Processors[i], which will increase memory performance more than 20% compared to the 1st Gen AMD EPYC™ Processors. The Company’s various DDR4 DRAM solutions, based on the 1Xnm and 1Ynm technology with density of 8Gb and 16Gb, have been fully tested and validated with the 2nd Gen EPYC™ Processors. SK hynix provides high-density DIMMs with density over 64GB to support up to 64 cores per socket in the 2nd Gen EPYC™.

SK hynix also provides a full line-up of SATA and PCIe® from 480GB to 8TB, which have also been validated and tested with the 2nd Gen EPYC™. SK hynix’s eSSD solutions are optimized for the latest data center’s read-intensive and mixed workload environment.

“The latest partnership with AMD will reinforce SK hynix’s strength in the memory solution industry and further promote the Company as a total memory semiconductor company providing data center-oriented DRAM and SSD solutions optimized for system requirements,” said Jae Hyeong Lee, Head of Product Planning and Enabling at SK hynix.

Delivering a comprehensive, consistent feature set of I/O, memory and security features, across 8 to 64 “Zen 2” cores, the AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processor delivers agility from a balanced set of features.

“We’re excited and thankful to have our partners like SK hynix supporting the launch of AMD EPYC 7002 Series Processors,” said Scott Aylor, corporate vice president and general manager, Datacenter Solutions Group, AMD. “Their EPYC based solutions are poised to deliver a new standard for modern datacenter customers. With twice the cores, breakthrough performance and embedded security features, all delivered by a leadership architecture, customers can transform their datacenter operations at the pace of their business.”



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