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SK hynix Opens Global Newsroom to Strengthen Communication

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– Provided in three languages—Korean, English and Chinese—for global stakeholders
– “will grow into a channel of communication towards cutting-edge technology and happiness”

Seoul, October 10, 2019

SK hynix Inc. (or ‘the Company,’ announced today that it started direct communication with various stakeholders across the world by opening its global Newsroom (

The global Newsroom, which opened on October 10 in celebration of the Company’s 36th anniversary of its establishment, is offered in three languages—Korean, English, and Chinese. A wide range of stakeholders including customers in the US and China, which are the largest semiconductor markets in the world, as well as shareholders and the media will now be able to access information via the global Newsroom.

The content of SK hynix global Newsroom centers around two keywords, “technology” and “happiness.”

The Company plans to first introduce articles and experts’ columns on its products and technology as well as the trends in the semiconductor market. In addition, SK hynix will share small stories of happiness within the Company to make Newsroom the company’s communication channel for happiness. Visitors can read press releases and download photos and video materials from the global Newsroom and can also find out about the various news of the Company, including interviews with executives and recruitment information.

The global Newsroom’s English and Chinese versions will also provide different, localized content respectively with the purpose of enhancing the global awareness of SK hynix.

The English version plan to provide content particularly focused on the “technology” aspect for customers in English-speaking countries and potential job applicants overseas. In particular, it will introduce the local corporate culture and recent technology developments of SK hynix’s regional offices, such as SK hynix memory solutions located in San Jose, which develops NAND flash controllers.

The English Newsroom also shows a clip and an article on Consumer SSD, which started selling on Amazon US in August.

SK hynix plans to make the Chinese Newsroom a channel to communicate with the local community centered around its production sites in Wuxi and Chongqing, China. The company will introduce current status and information on the local offices and their local CSR activities, while also using the Newsroom as a communication channel among members in China. In addition, the Chinese Newsroom will share recent news and stories from the sales subsidiaries and offices in the Greater China Region, including Shanghai and Shenzhen as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In particular, “SK hynix Paejubongi (Chronicles of the King),” which is provided on the Chinese Newsroom, introduced SK hynix’s history in the form of a Chinese martial arts story against a background of an oriental landscape painting.

A SK hynix official said “the global Newsroom will become a new venue to share SK hynix news and communicate with a wider audience across the world.” “We are committed to grow the Newsroom into a channel of communication towards cutting-edge technology and happiness,” he added.

In celebration of the opening of the global Newsroom, SK hynix unveiled an interview with Lee Seok-hee, Chief Executive Officer of SK hynix, along with the third video of the popular YouTube web-drama series, Tenacity Syndrome, on both the global Newsroom and YouTube.

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