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SK hynix Presents Innovative Patent Award

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– 23 inventors of innovative patents are awarded KRW 340 million won in total
– SK hynix will strengthen global semiconductor competitiveness through continuous discovery of innovative patents

Seoul, December 23, 2019

On December 23rd, SK hynix Inc. (or ‘the Company,’ announced that it held “2nd Innovative Patent Award Ceremony” at its headquarter in Icheon, South Korea.

35 executives and colleagues including Seok-hee Lee SK hynix CEO, Dongsub Kim President of SK hynix Communication & External Affairs, Heads of each major department, and representatives of award winners attended the ceremony. SK hynix selected 11 innovative patents and awarded 23 incumbent researchers who invented the patents medals and 340 million won prize money in total.

SK hynix began to implement Innovative Patent Award system since 2018 to encourage researchers to instill research motivation and discover innovative patents. The system selects a number of innovative patents among SK hynix registered patents which was applied to the products’ sold in previous year, and significantly contributed to increasing sales and solving technology problems. The inventors of the patents which meet such standard win the award.

The grand prize went to Seokcheol Yoon, Boyeun Kim of DRAM Development and Jaeboum Park of R&D for their contribution to improving DRAM’s refresh function which led to both performance and sales increase.

Meanwhile, SK hynix currently holds more than 20,000 patents worldwide.


■ Refresh function:

Refresh function helps DRAM maintain data periodically. As DRAM stores data by accumulating electric charges in cells, DRAM eventually loses stored data as accumulated electric charges fade in time. This happens whether DRAM is powered or not, and to prevent this, DRAM periodically recharges cells to maintain data. This function is called “refresh”.

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▲ Award presenters and winners posing for a commemorative photograph at “2nd Innovative Patent Award Ceremony” of SK hynix on December 23rd
(From sixth left) Seokcheol Yoon of DRAM Development, Seok-hee Lee SK hynix CEO, and Dongsub Kim President of Communication & External Affairs


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