SK hynix Showcases Its Next-Generation Technologies at Dell Technologies World 2023

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SK hynix participated in Dell Technologies World (DTW) 2023 in Las Vegas, USA for four days between May 22-25 to showcase its latest memory technologies and products.


SK hynix’s booth at DTW 2023


DTW is the largest annual event hosted by Dell Technologies that brings together various global IT companies to unveil their latest developments that will drive future technology trends. This year’s slogan from SK hynix “Don’t bet on luck, bet on our Tech!” evokes the spirit of the host city Las Vegas and emphasizes the message that the company will continue creating and exploring diverse technologies for the new era of big data.

PS1010, a PCle Gen5-based eSSD, presented at SK hynix’s booth

PC801, a new cSSD, presented at SK hynix’s booth

SK hynix, which has participated in the event since 2019, presented a variety of its latest technologies and products. First, the company unveiled PS1010, a PCIe1 Gen5-based eSSD that will be applied to Dell Technologies’ server products. The company also demonstrated the performance of its new cSSD, PC801, in a Dell desktop to showcase the company’s evolving technology.

1 Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe): A serial-structured, high-speed I/O interface used in the mainboard of digital devices.

SK hynix showcasing its CXL memory and HBM3


In addition, SK hynix displayed its CXL2 memory through a demonstration on a real server and held a joint exhibition of its HBM33 and NVIDIA’s H100 GPU. Used for AI chatbots, NVIDIA’s H100 GPU has adopted HBM3 to realize next-generation performance levels.

2 Compute Express Link (CXL): A PCIe-based, next-generation interconnect protocol to effectively establish high-performance computing systems.

3 High Bandwidth Memory (HBM): A high-value, high-performance memory solution that vertically interconnects multiple DRAM chips with TSV to dramatically increase the data processing speed in comparison to traditional DRAM products. HBM3 is the fourth-generation product, succeeding the previous generations HBM, HBM2 and HBM2E.

SK hynix exhibiting its latest DRAM and SSD products

SSD products from Solidigm, SK hynix’s subsidiary company, displayed at DTW 2023

Throughout the event, SK hynix provided visitors with a look at its diverse portfolio of solutions including several DRAM product lines such as its DDR5 modules for servers and PCs, LPDDR5X for mobile devices, and GDDR6 graphics memory. Other products included eSSDs with various form factors like E1.S, U.2, M.2 22110, and M.2 2280. New cSSDs such as PC801 and BC901 were on display as well, while Consumer SSDs such as P31 and P41 were also featured in the booth. Additionally, SK hynix presented PCIe Gen4 NVMe4-based enterprise and cSSDs from its subsidiary company, Solidigm.

4 Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe): As a communication protocol for storage devices based on the PCIe interface, NVMe can achieve speeds of up to six times or more compared to the existing SATA interface—making it suitable for ultra-high speed, large data processing tasks.

Eung-bo Shim, a technical leader in charge of next-generation memory development, presenting the concept and strengths of CXL memory


SK hynix went on to hold a breakout session that introduced the role and future of its CXL memory technology. “CXL memory is a solution that increases the bandwidth compared to existing DRAM products to improve performance. This technology enables the capacity to be expanded more easily than ever before and will soon become commercially available,” said Eung-bo Shim,  a technical leader responsible for next-generation memory development at SK hynix. “As a product that has strengths in reliability, security and maintenance, it will be used in various servers in the future.”

By attending global events like DTW down the road, SK hynix plans to continue strengthening its partnerships with key customers and introducing its new products on the world stage.