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SK hynix to Lead 8Gb LPDDR4 Adoption in Devices

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– The Industry’s First Installation of 20nm class 8Gb LPDDR4 in a Commercialized Smartphone

Seoul, February 9, 2015

SK hynix Inc. (or ‘the Company’, announced its 8Gb(Gigabit) LPDDR4(Low Power DDR4) has been installed in a brand-new smartphone model for the first time in the industry. It is the top mobile DRAM solution existing of high density which features ultrahigh speed and low power consumption developed by the Company for the first time in the world at the end of 2013.

SK hynix has collaborated with relevant clients to make the world’s first installation of LPDDR4 in the smart device. As a result, the Company succeeded to commercialize the 8Gb LPDDR4 in connection with a state of the art SoC(System on Chip) then loaded it onto the newest flagship smartphone of a client.

This 8Gb LPDDR4 works faster than 3200Mbps and operates at ultralow-voltage of 1.1V to enhance the power efficiency by 30% which runs two times speedier than 1600Mbps and does at lower voltage than 1.2V of LPDDR3. With this product, it is available for users of smart devices to experience high quality functions and for full HD(High-Definition) display to be materialized smoothly.

The importance of memory semiconductor for performance improvement of mobile devices has been growing up. In accordance with the market trend, SK hynix is leading the industry by providing the best mobile memory solution for the first time to the commercialized smartphone.

Especially, primary worldwide smartphone manufacturers are expected to adopt LPDDR4 as a core memory solution to their premium products and besides smartphones with 4GB(Gigabytes) DRAM are forecast to increase from the latter half of this year. SK hynix is going to handle with various clients’ demands by making the best use of the 8Gb LPDDR4. Accordingly, the Company will continue to retain its market leadership as it will expand a clientele with various density types.

According to IHS Technology, premium smartphones equipped with 4GB DRAM composed of 8Gb DRAMs will come out in this year and be one of the main products taking 36% of the whole market to exceed portion of those with 3GB in the next year.

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