SK hynix’s BSI Technology a Leading Light in the Global Mobile Market

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As a technology innovator that always strives to be at the forefront of the latest advancements, SK hynix has been developing CIS (CMOS Image Sensor) products for the past 15 years. A CIS is a sensor that converts the color and brightness of light into an electrical signal before transmitting it to a processing unit, essentially acting as the eyes of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Today, SK hynix is able to develop ultra-high resolution CIS products thanks largely to the application of its Backside Illumination (BSI)-based pixel technology.

Previously, CIS products relied on Frontside Illumination (FSI) technology which was vulnerable to diffraction and impacted the image quality. However, the introduction of BSI proved to be a transformative development for CIS technology as it resolved the issues of FSI and led to the development of next-generation CIS products.

In this EE Times article, Technical Leader Kyoung-in Lee from SK hynix explains in detail how developments in BSI technology led to significant upgrades in image sensors. These developments include smaller pixel sizes, high-resolution products with millions of pixels, the prevention of light diffraction, and an increase in the quantum efficiency (QE) of products—which makes it possible to display bright images even in low-light conditions.

SK hynix is continuously evolving its BSI technology. The company first introduced basic element technologies including Backside Deep Trench Isolation (BDTI) and Air Grid—which increases the QE of products. More recently, the company succeeded in developing hybrid bonding technology that applies ‘Cu-to-Cu bonding’ to stacked sensors based on TSV (Through Silicon Via), laying the foundation for increased competitiveness in chip size and expansion of multilayer wafer bonding technology.

Furthermore, these technological achievements are expected to contribute to the expansion of the market by being utilized in the development of various sensors that support AI, medical devices, AR, and VR in the future.

To learn more about BSI technology, check out the full article on EE Times: SK hynix’s BSI Technology a Leading Light in the Global Mobile Market