SK hynix’s Global CSR Initiatives: Creating Happiness by Connecting People & Technology

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In honor of SK hynix’s 10th anniversary, the newsroom took a walk-through of SK hynix’s history of global CSR initiatives and its plans to build a better future together. Over the past decade, the company has grown together with local communities by contributing to regional development in the areas surrounding its production facilities under the theme of “Connecting people and technology to make happiness.” Let’s take a look at SK hynix’s unique yet united CSR initiatives across China, the United States, and Korea.

Established in 2012, SK hynix celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. Since day one, SK hynix has been proactively pursuing solutions to social problems by practicing SK Group’s double-bottom-line management philosophy. The company has created social value by conducting social-contribution activities rooted in information and communication technology (ICT).

SK hynix has made efforts to realize more meaningful corporate social responsibility (CSR) programming by verifying the efficiency and validity of its philanthropic activities. As a result, the communities surrounding SK hynix’s global production facilities see customized social relief strategies implemented to meet their unique needs. SK hynix plans to fulfill its responsibilities by establishing a social safety net and growing alongside each community by continuously promoting CSR initiatives that provide practical help to each region.

Make DRAM, Make DREAM: The Wuxi Subsidiary Delivers Hope to its Community

The Wuxi subsidiary in China is an essential production hub that drives continued growth for SK hynix by operating a 12-inch DRAM FAB. Since its establishment in 2005, the Wuxi subsidiary has created approximately 12,000 jobs.


▲ View of SK hynix’s Wuxi subsidiary


Under the theme of “Make DRAM, Make Dream,” the Wuxi subsidiary has developed various social programs that target environmental, poverty, and safety-related concerns in the Wuxi region. The Wuxi subsidiary’s CSR activities came about in three distinct stages. First, in 2007, the company carried out simple volunteer activities such as picking up trash and focused on sponsorship and emergency support. In 2016, SK hynix began to carry out independent projects in collaboration with the local government. At the same time, the company started raising funds through the Happiness Public Interest Fund for the first time as a foreign-invested company. The fund helps to develop and promote SK hynix’s local social contribution projects. Finally, from 2018 to now, the Wuxi subsidiary has been expanding the scope of its activities, developing additional social value beyond relief for the surrounding community.

The Wuxi subsidiary’s Loving Heart program has provided support for vulnerable communities since 2007. Built for children with physical disabilities in mind, the program features activities that include sporting events, mural painting, do-it-yourself crafts, and visits to cultural experience centers. A total of 4,800 Wuxi subsidiary members have volunteered since the campaign began, supporting 18,500 participants. In addition, in 2008, the Happiness Sharing Fund was established to provide monetary relief for members and their families’ medical expenses following severe illness and accidents. The Happiness Sharing Fund has provided financial support for 375 individuals, with 80% of the Wuxi subsidiary members currently participating voluntarily in fundraising efforts. In addition, local environmental protection activities have also been carried out by volunteers as a part of the Happy Together initiative.

Since 2016, the scope of the Wuxi subsidiary’s CSR efforts has expanded to include independent programs built in collaboration with local governments. During this period, efforts focused on localizing programming by uncovering community-based social concerns and creating unique solutions. The company’s Philanthropic Support Insurance began providing aid to an average of 6,000 people per year who struggle to obtain general insurance and manage medical expenses. Since 2017, the subsidiary has operated the Heartful Charity project to provide educational opportunities to 4,000 teenagers a year and funded cataract surgery for the elderly through its SK Light of Hope project. Finally, the company operates a mobile clinic called the Happiness Bus. Built using an ICT-based medical service system, the mobile clinic administers free medical examinations to vulnerable individuals.

▲ Image 1-2: SK Light of Hope project offering support for the elderly with cataract surgery
Image 3-4: Happiness Bus mobile clinic providing free medical examinations


The Wuxi subsidiary also contributed significantly to improving environmental management capabilities and perceptions in the region. Since 2018, it has provided consultation to other companies through the Corporate Environmental Sharing Infrastructure program. It also established a social enterprise to provide quality jobs to individuals who struggle to qualify for traditional employment opportunities, employing about 200 people as of 2021.

As traffic accidents frequently occur in the Wuxi region, the subsidiary created the Happy Umbrella campaign in 2018. Transparent umbrellas distributed to elementary school students help prevent accidents, and at the same time, the program raises awareness about safety, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from the local community. In 2019, the Wuxi subsidiary launched the Happiness Village project to ease medical expenses in three disadvantaged villages and the Happy Sharing initiative to make semiconductor and career education accessible to local students.

▲ Image1: SK hynix Wuxi subsidiary’s Corporate Environmental Sharing Infrastructure program
Image2: Children taking part in the Happy Umbrella campaign to raise traffic safety awareness


The Wuxi subsidiary launched its Happiness Hearts campaign in 2020, installing Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and providing safety education in schools to prevent accidents and increase safety awareness. The introduction of this campaign led to the SKHidea social contribution idea competition held in 2020. Through this competition, and alongside the Chinese government, SK hynix discovers ideas for solving major social problems in China and supports the commercialization process. Last year, the SK hynix Foreign Language School was established to contribute to expanding the local educational infrastructure. Through SKHI Change Makers, the subsidiary is taking the lead in understanding social problems from the perspective of teenagers, creating social values together, and fostering future talent.

▲ Image1: Event celebrating the SKHidea competition
Image2-4: View of the SK hynix Foreign Language School campus


The Wuxi subsidiary has been carrying out CSR initiatives for many years, delivering happiness to the local community. The total number of beneficiaries reached approximately 40,000 in 2021.

As a result, the Wuxi subsidiary was selected as the “Best Korean CSR Model Company in China” by the local community for three consecutive years from 2019 to 2021, recognizing the sincerity in its continuous social contributions. In addition, SK hynix received a presidential citation in the Global Social Contribution category of Korea’s Beloved Corporate Government Awards in 2019 and was selected as the “Most Influential Charity” in the Charity Awards hosted by Jiangsu Province in 2020. In the future, the Wuxi subsidiary aims to continue to carry out various activities and establish a stronger local social safety net.

▲Image1: SK hynix honored at Korea’s Beloved Corporate Government Awards
Image2: Participants at the Charity Awards hosted by Jiangsu Province


Make People the Root of Everything, Create the Best, and Share Happiness: The Chongqing Subsidiary’s Journey

SK hynix’s NAND flash backend production base is located in Chongqing, China, and as such, the subsidiary plays an important role in continuing SK hynix’s growth in the global NAND market. Established in 2014, the Chongqing subsidiary has steadily contributed to revitalizing the local economy and developing local industry.

▲Exterior view of SK hynix’s Chongqing subsidiary


The Chongqing subsidiary has also taken initiative in tackling local social challenges. With the motto of “Make People the Root of Everything, Create the Best, and Share Happiness,” the subsidiary carries out various CSR initiatives for a broad range of people. The subsidiary’s efforts have been focused on preserving the environment, volunteering at social facilities, and improving living conditions for the vulnerable.

The Chongqing subsidiary has been spreading its values by regularly supporting students with scholarships, donating goods to regional elementary schools, and holding annual events for Children’s Day since 2015. The company also hosts Loving Heart – Tree Planting events in an effort to preserve local greenery and biodiversity. About 400 trees in total have been planted in the Gaoxin District, Chongqing City.

▲ SK hynix Chongqing subsidiary hosting the Loving Heart – Tree Planting program


SK hynix also repairs the lighting, electric circuits, and ceilings in local schools through a program launched in 2016 designed to provide assistance for the development of safe schools and housing. The company has made additional efforts to support the disadvantaged since 2018. It held a fundraising effort alongside the Chongqing Welfare Fund for the Disabled to receive aid through the program so far. Beginning in 2019, the company set up visits to welfare centers and senior citizens who lived alone, offering volunteer support and entertaining with performances.

▲ SK hynix Chongqing subsidiary helping provide safe schooling and housing support


Members of Chongqing subsidiary have worked together with the local community, not hesitating to offer volunteer support following the pandemic and natural disasters. Through the COVID-19 prevention support activities, 13,000 facemasks were donated to local daycare centers, kindergartens, and welfare centers. The Chongqing subsidiary also conducted consolation services for police officers, public transportation drivers, and medical staff in four hospitals. In 2020, when the large flood occurred in the region, additional consolation services following the disaster were conducted for relief workers such as firefighters. It was also the first year the subsidiary started to provide support for children living apart from their parents and help for underprivileged farming households.

▲Image1: SK hynix Chongqing subsidiary donating COVID-19 protective equipment
Image2: SK hynix Chongqing subsidiary helping local children in need


As a result of the Chongqing subsidiary’s CSR efforts in the community, the Chongqing Welfare Fund for the Disabled awarded SK hynix the “Loving Heart Company to Help the Challenged” title in 2019. It was also recognized as the “Loving Heart Company” by the Hongyingtao Voluntary Association(红樱桃义工协会) of Yuzhong District, Chongqing in 2020 and “Leading Company to Help the Disabled” by the Chongqing Welfare Fund for the Disabled in 2021.

▲SK hynix Chongqing subsidiary recognized by the Hongyingtao Voluntary Association of Yuzhong District


Additionally, the social contribution activities of SK hynix are not limited to Wuxi and Chongqing subsidiaries in China. The U.S. subsidiary donated about $200,000 to support and aid victims of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The company also helped the local community with various volunteer support such as sorting groceries with ‘Second Harvest,’ a food bank. About 100 colleagues gladly joined the volunteer work in spite of the pandemic to relieve the pain the community had suffered.

▲Volunteers lending a hand at the Second Harvest food bank


Connecting Humans and Technology Creates Happiness: Korean CSR Betters the Whole Community

SK hynix creates social value in multiple local communities by promoting growth together with the region and finding ways to make the world a brighter place for both contributors and beneficiaries.

▲Image1: View of SK hynix’s Icheon Campus
Image2: View of SK hynix’s Cheongju Campus


In Korea, CSR initiatives focus on three key areas: ICT-based social problem solving, future talent development, and voluntary participation of members.

In 2009, SK hynix initiated various CSR programs in Korea beginning with the launch of Happiness Sharing Volunteer group. In 2011, the company took a deeper look into the social challenges local communities were facing. Together with its members, the company created the Happiness Sharing Fund. Following a Matching Grant1 method, donations were directing across various CSR initiatives. As of 2022, cumulative donations totaled KRW 27.5 billion. By utilizing the Fund, SK hynix runs a series of social contribution activities to solve social problems and nurture future talents. For instance, the Happy IT Zone project, launched in 2011, supports the remodeling of youth welfare facilities, adding ICT equipment to provide a more creative educational environment. Furthermore, the Happiness Lunch Box project provides side dishes for children and the elderly experiencing poverty.

Educational support for youths also continues. Underprivileged youngsters have a chance to learn music without financial burden through the Happiness Sharing Orchestra with Dreams project. Scholarships are also given out to underprivileged youths that excel and children and adolescents under institutional care through the Happiness Scholarship project.

▲Image1: 2022 Happiness Sharing Fund ceremony
Image2: Plaque commemorating 10-plus years of donations to the Happiness Sharing Fund


SK hynix’s CSR programming became even more diverse in 2016. It began with the launch of Happiness GPS, an initiative that prevents the disappearance of individuals with dementia and developmental disabilities. The company also provides support to at-risk youth through its coding and programming education initiative Heinstein. Finally, the Happy Moa project works to increase employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities. The 100-Year Longevity of Veterans program provides cataract surgery and hearing aids free of charge to veterans.

▲Image1: Partnering to provide free GPS devices to track missing people
Image2: Fostering future talent through the Heinstein education initiative


Since 2017, SK hynix’s Happy School Uniform (RE:BUD) project has provided the elderly with financial opportunities by collecting and upcycling old school uniforms for resale. Its Silver Friend initiative, launched in 2018, works to reduce loneliness and inconveniences and ensure the safety of elderly individuals living alone. In addition, SK hynix members offer career guidance support to teenagers looking to enter science and engineering fields like the semiconductor industry through the Happy Dreaming program. Furthermore, the company supports social enterprises by donating used ICT devices, helping to create jobs for the disabled community, and extending the life of electronic devices.

▲Image1: Providing job opportunities for the disabled through the Happy Moa project
Image2: Creating jobs for the elderly through the Happy School Uniform (RE:BUD) project


SK hynix’s CSR initiatives continued to evolve throughout the years, inspiring both beneficiaries and SK hynix’s members. Its 2020 Walk ‘N Give initiative is a prime example. As part of this campaign, donations are made based on a target number of steps members achieve. Last year, participants at SK hynix Cheongju Campus topped a cumulative 500 million steps and donating KRW 30 million for reaching their goal. This year, the program is expanding its target to all the SK hynix members. Many SK hynix members participate enthusiastically in Walk N’ Give as it presents an opportunity to contribute to the community while creating healthy lifestyle habits.

Even in the face of the pandemic last year, SK hynix’s CSR activities found ways to adapt, continuing to deliver support to the community. For instance, the Happy Bread Bakery project provides vocational education to the disabled and encourages financial independence, and the Purme Social Farm initiative supports smart farm growth through the employment of people with developmental disabilities. In addition, projects such as the ICT Reception Room and the Silver Café helped establish ICT infrastructure for the elderly and create high-quality jobs for local seniors. Furthermore, the Metaverse Academy continued its work to foster future ICT talent through coding education using Metaverse.

▲Image1: Providing vocational education for the disabled through the Happy Bread Bakery project
Image2: MOU signing to build smart farms and create jobs for people with disabilities

Advancing ICT and Fostering Future Talent: The Future of SK hynix’s CSR Initiatives

Looking to the future, SK hynix has established a roadmap for long-term CSR initiatives through 2030. It plans to continue to use ICT to support the resolution of local community issues, build a better social safety net, and develop a platform that fosters global ICT talent. In addition, the company plans to continue its efforts to create a happier society through members’ volunteer work, creating a stronger foundation for sharing their talents.

This year, SK hynix plans to expand the use of ICT devices to solve social problems. It plans to increase the cumulative supply of Happy GPS devices to more than 28,000 and upgrade the support system through close cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the National Police Agency. The distribution of Silver Friend, an AI technology-based care service for senior citizens living alone, is also set to expand with the goal of providing support to 5,000 older individuals.

In addition, SK hynix’s drive to systemize its Social Safety Net begins this year. The company is working to determine a clear target and scope of support and to specify the beneficiary review process so that help can be delivered promptly. SK hynix expects to increase the number of face-to-face activities in line with COVID-19 becoming endemic. In the area of fostering future talent, SK hynix plans to add metaverse and IoT subjects to the Heinstein education curriculum while continuing its Happy Dreaming activities by establishing an online/offline mentoring group which consists of college students.

That’s a quick look at the global CSR activities being undertaken at SK hynix locations around the world. SK hynix plans to continue various CSR activities and create happiness using ICT as a foundation to offer support for the underprivileged in our communities and grow together with our local areas.


1Matching Grant: A donation model in which companies add the same value of monetary donations as members voluntarily contribute. In other words, it is a donation model with a “1 plus 1” concept in which members and companies join forces to donate.