What is a memory-centric world? A look at SK hynix’s presence at CES 2020

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At SK hynix, we do technology. From smartphones to homes, factories, hospitals, and more, our goal is to make people’s lives easier.

Amid CES 2020, SK hynix is transforming its booth into a “memory-centric world”.

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What is a memory-centric world you may ask?

This year, SK hynix is giving attendees a look into the not so distant future by highlighting its latest innovations in its six major categories including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR) / virtual reality (VR), automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and 5G. The booth will feature an interactive diorama to introduce SK hynix’s technology and services at the center of new innovations that will shape the future world.


At the heart of SK hynix’s work with AI is HBM2E, one of its latest innovations, which features the world’s fastest high bandwidth memory. The ultra-high-performance product uses TSV technology to revolutionize the data processing speed faster than conventional DRAM. Since developing the world’s first HBM in 2013, SK hynix has been leading the premium memory market with its superior technological competitiveness.

Enterprise solid-state drives (eSSDs) also play a large role as they are specialized in AI servers where it is important to reliably store and manage vast amounts of data. eSSDs have high reliability, durability, and a power loss protection (PLP) function to ensure stability.

These technologies will play an important role in key industry sectors such as machine learning and AI-based systems.


As we see an astonishing development of AR / VR, CIS technology is playing a big role as the technology is largely found in mobile phones and digital cameras. The development of CIS technology enables the implementation of AR / VR in gaming and other smartphone applications by providing high-resolution images. It can acquire and process 3D data from multi-view images using multiple cameras and provide users with a realistic AR / VR environment by applying computer vision and graphics.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are also crucial to AR / VR technology as they provide a much faster data operation than HDD. They provide excellent durability against shock, air pressure, vibration and temperature changes thanks to their high mechanical reliability, low heat generation, low power consumption, and low noise level.


SK hynix’s innovative memory semiconductor products such as LPDDR4X and eMMC 5.1 realize the next-generation advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), in-vehicle infotainment (IVI), and dashboard systems. The products ensure stable performance even in a continuously changing environment of a driving vehicle.


While our lives continue to be simplified with the growth of IoT, SK hynix’s CIS technology has made it easier to stay connected and acquire important visual information from various smart devices such as smart CCTV cameras. It is essential to provide low power consumption and low light shooting features for IoT devices to guarantee long operation time and security.

Additionally, SK hynix’s LPDDR5 can be installed into homes and small companies in order to increase efficiency and speed. With its low power consumption, ultra-micro size, and ultra-high speed features, LPDDR5 is also one of the essential components of IoT devices.

Big Data

We have seen exponential growth in the need of solutions for big data with the advent of various end devices such as mobile devices, IoT devices, and autonomous vehicles. SK hynix SSDs are used to collect and analyze large amounts of unstructured data in real time from data center servers and can operate with higher performance, higher capacity and lower power consumption compared to HDD.

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DDR5 RDIMM offers ultra-high speed, high density, and stability. It is thus used for enterprise servers, machine learning, high-performance computing, and data centers, all of which process large amounts of data. Unlike general PC DRAM, they are equipped with a high-capacity module, and have secured reliability with ECC (Error-correcting code) function. As a result, SK hynix’s DDR5 RDIMM can process huge amounts of data quickly and reliably.


One of the most anticipated technology and biggest highlights at CES this year is 5G. It has promised to enhance our everyday lives but how fast will 5G really be? For SK hynix that means:

• Process 409GB of data per second with one HBM
• Process 51GB, equivalent to 14 full HD movies (3.7GB each), in one second with 8GB LPDDR5, enabling high-quality streaming and mobile games
• Transfer one full HD movie in 3 seconds with UFS 3.0 when transferring data stored in mobile device to PC with NVMe SSD

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What Else?

For the first time, SK hynix is showcasing its newest offering of “Gold P31” PCIe NVMe SSDs, built with SK hynix’s 128-layer NAND flash. We are proud to continue to grow our presence here in the United States and to unveil our second consumer SSD this year.

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SK hynix has set up its own interactive experience zone where visitors have the opportunity to see how CIS works first-hand. The demo will allow attendees to take photos and then see how the images are processed through CIS technology from black-and-white pictures to mosaic images in red, green, and blue, and finally converted into finalized photos via color interpolation process. After the experience, participants can send the photos to their emails and share their journey of CIS.

Visitors can enjoy all these and much more of SK hynix at CES 2020. If you are attending this year’s show, stop by the Company’s booth at #13529 in Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central LLCC Hall. SK hynix will also have two interactive entertainments for visitors including its Digital Big Wheel Game and Quiz Vending Machine.