Press Release


By October 22, 1999 December 7th, 2020 No Comments
– Expects the sales in D RAM to increase by 50% compared to this year in 2000
– Plans to raise US 1billion$ by separating non-semiconductor sectors and inducing foreign capital
– Makes effort to improve transparency in management hereafter

Hyundai Electronics (CEO: Young-Hwan Kim) has held a large scale IR for domestic/ foreign investors for the first time since the M&A with Hyundai Semiconductor. Hyundai Electronics held an IR on the synergy effects by M&A: the future prospect for DRAM market hereafter: the financial status and restructuring plans of the consolidated company starting an introduction of the company, with about 250 domestic/ foreign institutional investors’ participation, at the international conference room of Yoido 63 Building on the 21st of October. In this conference, the main announcements that Hyundai Electronics revealed are as follows: [Competitiveness and status of the combined company] Hyundai Electronics has jumped to the first place in the world DRAM market and has secured the most production capability among the world semiconductor companies on the basis of output (300,000 slices of 8 inch WAPER per month), competitiveness in the next-generation products DDR and Rambus in terms of new product development and early market entry, adding to the currently concentrated product Synchronous DRAM, in its technology. [Investment plans] Hyundai Electronics will also upgrade its facility continuously adding to its existing production facility in that the current investment trend should be to improve efficiency through Die Shrink rather than through the increase in output by establishing new plants. And through that it plans to improve efficiency in investment, increase the sales per one slice of WAPER. And on the basis of the stable supply contracts with the regular clients who consist of 85% of the DRAM sales, it plans to minimize the shocks it may receive from fluctuations in price and secure a stable cash flow.