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Introducing “VOICE” of SK hynix America

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Made up of over 36,000 talented, engaged and motivated employees across its global offices, SK hynix knows that it’s our people who are the source of our success. We hold firm the belief that when our employees thrive, so does our business.

Like any other business venture, a dynamic company culture requires smart, consistent investment. To foster a community of engaged, motivated – and ultimately, happy – employees, we must create a friendly, open atmosphere with opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

Planting the Seeds for VOICE

It was with this in mind that a group of SK hynix America employees came together several years ago to start VOICE (Valuable Opportunities for Interaction, Collaboration, and Engagement), an employee-led organization aiming to bring people together for enriching activities beyond the confines of work. From community service to food drives to annual picnics, the goal above all, is to promote positive cross-team interactions across the company, and contribute to local communities proactively.

It’s now been 6 years since the start of VOICE at SK hynix America in 2015, but in recent months, the organization has taken on much more importance as the global COVID-19 pandemic closed offices and changed lives around the world.

To check in on VOICE, let’s hear from three of its members – Wayne Lo, Larry Huynh and Polly Wang – on what the organization does, why it’s important and what they hope to accomplish together in the coming months and years.

Planting the Seeds for VOICE

Wayne Lo
Sales Account Manager I San Jose, CA

What is VOICE? VOICE aims to bring the company closer together through organizing and planning company-wide events. These events range from food drives to annual picnics and help foster interactions between our employees. Everyone gets a chance to meet other people within the company while having a good time!

What initiatives are you most proud of? With food bank volunteering events as well as toy and backpack drives, I really enjoy working with SK hynix to contribute to local communities. These initiatives allow us to give back to the community and really help those in need.



Figure 1-1. SK hynix America employees volunteering with Second Harvest1

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Figure 1-2. SK hynix America employees volunteering with Second Harvest1

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How is VOICE helping with remote work? Our virtual VOICE events are a great way for employees to take time out of their workday and hang out. We try to keep the events engaging and interactive so people can take their minds off work a little bit. There are even prizes that employees can win!

Larry Huynh
Corporate Recruiter I San Jose, CA

What’s your role in the VOICE organization? I’m an HR support member of the group, meaning that I contribute ideas and help out with the event operations.

What’s been your favorite initiative so far? One of the greater initiatives that I’m really proud of was our International Women’s Day event. It was amazing to see the support we received from so many people who also believe in creating a workplace that’s equal for both genders. Thinking about the current situation in the United States, I believe it was a great stride for all of us.


Figure 2. Event at SK hynix America celebrating International Women’s Day

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What’s next? I would like to see more events around diversity and inclusion — and I would also like to get even more teams and creative minds involved.

Polly Wang
Sales Manager I San Jose, CA

What’s your favorite part of participating in VOICE? I get to know what is going to happen earlier than other people! And, I’m able to participate in the decision-making process and plan events.

Any recent events you’re especially proud of? Yes, we recently organized the Walk-A-Thon Back to School event, which benefitted kids in need. Our employees were encouraged to walk for their own health, but also to help pack backpacks with important school supplies. In the end, we donated 254 backpacks to Ocala STEM Academy!


Figure 3. Walk-A-Thon Back to School event and backpacks delivery event organized by VOICE

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Why is the program meaningful to you? We care about people beyond our employees; we care about community beyond our self. We give back to our community because we appreciate what we are now.

Growing our VOICE

As we continue to build the VOICE program across even more teams and communities, we’re excited see how the creative minds of SK hynix can make an even bigger impact.

In fact, VOICE is planning a Halloween edition sequel to its Let’s reconnect challenge. Stay tuned to SK hynix America LinkedIn page for upcoming details!


1Second Harvest: a longtime partner of SK hynix and one of the largest food banks in California