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Behind the Lens: SK hynix Employees Share Stunning Images to Celebrate World Photography Week

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A couple’s first blissful dance as bride and groom. The glistening beach sunset taken during the trip of a lifetime. A mother holding her newborn baby for the first time. Life’s special moments can be captured forever in photos, instantly transporting people back to that time long after the photo was taken. This power of photography along with the medium’s art, history and technological advancement are celebrated during World Photography Week, a global event running August 1226.

To mark the occasion, the SK hynix Newsroom spoke with three of the company’s employees from separate global offices to discuss some of their most impressive shots, recommendations for places to travel, and the impact photography has had on their lives.

“Photography is a Mission and a Responsibility”

“Ever since I was a child, I have always loved nature: flowers, birds, fish, and insects. Fast-forward to when I became an adult, I won the first prize at my company’s photography competition for an impromptu photo taken of a light-vented bulbul—a type of songbird also called a Chinese bulbul—perched on a steel bar. From then on, wildlife photography has taken up all my spare time. I have traveled all over China as I go out to shoot almost every week. If there’s a place in the country that is known for having vast lands of nature, I will visit the area no matter the distance to capture raw images of wildlife.

A type of dendrobium orchid

Cherry blossom in Wuxi


“For example, I had to go on an arduous journey to photograph a type of dendrobium orchid, which is one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen. As it grows on the branches of huge trees by fast-flowing rivers, it took me two whole days to get to the bottom of an ancient tree where these flowers were blooming. This type of orchid is rarely seen, as it is generally found in secluded and snowy areas of the mountain home to swarms of locusts.

“But another favorite place of mine doesn’t require too much traveling. In fact, it is in the city where I was born and work to this day—Wuxi. When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom in March, it will usher in the most beautiful and most-lively scene of the year for Wuxi. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the cherry blossoms during our city’s annual festival that brings nature and people together.

Euphaea opaca damselfly


“Ever since wildlife photography has become a big part of my life, I’ve noticed the many similarities we share with animals and insects that offer us important lessons. For example, dragonflies begin their life in the water and return to the water when they die, so they have a circle of life just as we do. I still remember the time when I spotted an endemic species called the Euphaea opaca damselfly in a mountain stream in the city of Yixing. A brown male was fighting for the right to mate and pass down his genes. As such, life goes on and on.

“However, due to the impact of climate change, many creatures are at risk of extinction. I believe photos that show the true beauty of wildlife will raise awareness about nature conversation and encourage more people to take relative action. In that sense, photography is a mission and a responsibility for me. It is my goal to influence more people to protect nature. This is why I really get excited when rare and endangered species are photographed. When I became the first photographer in China to capture the striped emerald dragonfly in 2021, I shed tears of joy.

“Presently, I am a contracted photographer for the Southwest Mountains site, and my photos have also been featured in various domestic atlases and publications. More recently, in July 2021, I held an exhibition of my wildlife photos.

“Whenever I am under pressure due to work or life in general, going out into nature and photographing wildlife helps me release built-up tension and puts me back into a better state. Photography has the power to improve my mental and physical well-being.”

In Yingjiang’s “Hornbill Valley,” I came across a pair of wreathed hornbills engaged in pre-breeding rituals. The female was enjoying having her feathers groomed by the male. Hornbills are monogamous birds loyal to their partners to the end of their lives. If one of them dies, the other is likely to pass away soon after. I thought this was absolutely fascinating, and I felt very lucky to have captured such love in a photo.

I have visited various places across China for my photography trips. It gives me a chance to photograph wildlife and nature which I can’t see in my hometown. Whether taking photos of a flock of birds or a rare flower on a mountainside, I get immense satisfaction from capturing such images and helping to raise awareness for conservationism.

“Finding the Good in Things”

“Since the pandemic began, I have been looking for places away from crowds. So, I took up mountain climbing as a new hobby, and it didn’t take long until I decided to get a camera to capture the scenery that was simply too good not to share with others. One of the most memorable views was on top of Seoraksan Mountain in Gangwon-do Province, which is one of the most popular hiking destinations in South Korea.

“I go out to take pictures about once or twice a month, and Happy Fridays are a good time to do this. As our company allows us to take one Friday off every month, I search for places to take photos ahead of time.

Seoraksan Mountain


“Interestingly enough, when I was in my 20s, I didn’t like being photographed. But I’ve been taking a lot of photos of myself and the people around me ever since I picked up this hobby. In the process, I’ve also learned to smile a lot more and I’m proud to see myself bring more positivity into life and become a better version of myself. In that sense, photography is like a treasure to me; I feel a great deal of happiness whenever I take photos.

Bokcheonsa Temple

The Sinri St. Daveluy Historic Site


“But there’s something more than this; photography has taught me how to find the good in things, either by closely observing the subjects or finding a good photographic composition. I think life is similar in a way. Everything has a good and bad side to it, but it is just a matter of where you focus your attention and gaze. If you can find the good in things, you will always come out on top. I have become a person who looks for the best in things and tries to see the bright side to everything.

“I still cannot forget the time I visited Bokcheonsa Temple in the southeastern port city of Busan and the Sinri St. Daveluy Historic Site in Chungcheongnam-do Province. I am not religious, so these two sites are not my usual go-to places. But I felt more at peace than ever while walking around them. The more time I spent exploring every corner to take photos and learning about the histories of these places, the more beauty I discovered in them. Since then, I have become more open to visiting locations that I haven’t really thought of in the past.

This is a photo of Cheongpung Lake in Jecheon that I took when it started to get a bit warmer. I went there with a co-worker, and the view of the lake from the observatory was something else. It is definitely a place that I would recommend for a visit.

This photo was taken during a trip with my co-workers. Every time I look at the photo, it brings back great memories of us having a blast. It is one of the photos that I often look back at.

These two photos were taken at the famous Han River Park during my first photography session where I was joined by other people. I remember having a hard time taking the photo and editing it, but due to the amount of effort it took, I treasure this photo to this day.

“Photography Doesn’t Forget”

“I have always been a people person ever since I can remember. Family and friends are two integral parts of my life. So, naturally I am keen to get to know about people and will closely observe their behaviors and habits, which can often rub off on me. One time, I was traveling with a friend who took out a camera and started capturing the moments. As I found this to be a great way to cherish memories, I also decided to do the same. Later on, I participated in a photography class to learn about the various equipment and develop new skills. However, as photography equipment can be pretty heavy, I sometimes use my phone to take photos when I travel. I have no problem with this as my main purpose of taking photos is to capture memories. Also, I do not think photos have to be taken in a new and exciting place every time. Even if I take a photo of a road that I have seen numerous times, the shot can give me a new perspective of it and lead me to appreciate the ordinary things in life.

“Taking portraits has become my thing after I noticed that I feel happy whenever I see smiling faces through the camera lens. So, I often try to capture the good time with my friends and co-workers who also enjoy photography. Of course, many of my photos also include my family and our gatherings.

A family outing


“Although we can forget about things as time passes, photography doesn’t forget; it records all the places, people, moments, and events you have experienced. I have a big family which means it is hard for everyone to gather and sit down together. So, the day when everyone from the little ones all the way to my grandmother went to a restaurant for a family gathering felt so special to me. This seemingly normal photo of a family did not require a lot of technique or high-tech equipment; it was the significance and memories we created that day that made this one of the best photos that I have ever taken. I am always going to remember that day as it was the first time my grandmother went out to eat with all of us, and the last. This is my most cherished photo to date.”

This landscape photo is also one of my favorite shots that I have taken. After walking on the nature trail with my friends for more than an hour, I started to take in the beauty of my surroundings and experienced a sudden sense of relaxation. I was in good company and nature.

After one of my business trips, I went to a bridge in the middle of the highway to take photos with my team members. We recorded the lights of cars that seemed to be in a hurry to get home after a busy day.

Different Purposes, One Shared Passion

Whether looking to find the good in things, raise awareness of the need to protect nature, or keep memories of loved ones and precious experiences, the three employees had different reasons for taking up photography as a hobby. However, they are united in their passion for taking photos and are hoping to inspire others to do the same for World Photography Week and beyond.

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