Opportunity and Challenge for Emerging Memory

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The increase in data created by society shows no signs of slowing down. The work-from-home trend during the COVID-19 pandemic has caused explosive growth in data through applications like video conferencing. New applications, such as AI and AR / VR, are expected to soon become part of our lives and create another explosion in data creation.

This never-ending surge in data is putting new demands on memory technology. So far, DRAM and NAND have scaled to meet these demands. However, additional memory technologies need to be explored to keep pace with the data increase.

In this EE Times column, Joongsik Kim, technical leader of the future memory research team at SK hynix, provides his insights on three new technologies — STT-MRAM, Ferroelectric Memory and ReRAM – that could play a role in handling higher levels of data. These technologies have the potential to deliver higher performance and capacity with less energy use, but they also have limitations that must be overcome to realize their full potential.

SK hynix is focused on advancing DRAM and NAND as well as these new emerging technologies so that society can benefit from new data-driven applications. To read the full EE Times column, please click on this link – Opportunity and Challenge for Emerging Memory.

ByJoongsik Kim

Technical Leader (TL) of Future memory research team at SK hynix Inc.