The Evolution of HDR

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Most of people have heard the term “HDR.” They know that HDR, or High Dynamic Range, sensor technology is associated with capturing high quality images with their cameras and smartphones.

However, most people probably do not realize all the time and effort spent by engineers to progress HDR technology. In the past two decades, the R&D units of technology companies have continuously evolved HDR sensor technology to capture more realistic images.

Jonghyun Bae, SK hynix project leader for ISP (Image Signal Processing) software team, provides his insights on the evolution of HDR in a recent EE Times column. He outlines previous efforts to advance the technology – some successful and some failed.

He also previews new technologies, including QHDR and staggered HDR, that SK hynix is developing to improve HDR even more. The ultimate goal remains the same – enable camera sensors to match what the human eye sees.

To read Jonghyun’s full column, please click on this link:  HDR: The Secret Behind Great Images.

ByJonghyun Bae, Ph.D.

PL (Project Leader) of ISP(Image Signal Processing) SW Team