How They Get It Done with SK hynix : Inside the Rapid-Fire Mind of Gamers & Creators

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With the successful launch of its SuperCore series, SK hynix introduced US consumers to its efficient, high-speed products for the very first time. The most reliable SSD in its class, the SuperCore was the perfect product to lead the charge. With the greatest endurance and longest terabytes written, it’s designed to benefit all PC users – especially gamers, designers and content creators.

So, we thought: what better way to jumpstart this launch than by putting the product directly into the hands – and computers – of gamers, designers and content creators? To make it happen, we shared our latest Gold S31 SSD with two folks and asked them to push the device to its limits, and get back to us with their results. Here’s what they told us:

Gaming and Creating at the Speed of SuperCore

By H.B. Duran (Copywriter, Designer and Gaming Freelancer, @thathbduran)

Whether I’m editing on-camera interviews, whipping up an eye-catching header image for an article, blasting a few pages out on my screenplays, or unwinding with a little “pew pew” video game action after a long day, I need a hardworking SSD that can do it all. My current SSD is pretty good, but I wondered – could it do better?

H.B. Juggling Multiple Projects With Ease

As a lifelong gamer as well as a professional writer and artist, my computer is my livelihood and efficiency is the key to my success. I juggle multiple deadlines on top of my own revolving projects, and let’s face it – all the best programs tend to be real storage hogs.

Luckily, SK hynix just brought its SSDs to the US and I saw an immediate improvement on speed. The SK hynix Gold S31 1TB drive allows me to start creating right when I need or want to.

Photoshop now opens 30% faster – that makes a huge difference when you’re up against a deadline and you have to make a last-minute change. Saving and rendering are noticeably faster, too, especially when there are a ton of layers involved. (Love my layers!)

The biggest upgrade I found was in gaming – one MMO used to take nearly five minutes to load, and that time has been cut in half!

Use a computer? Heck yes. Customize my own computer? Not so much. I’m normally a console gal, and my PC gaming know-how pales in comparison to some of my overclocking friends – but the installation of my new Gold S31 was a breeze. Right out of the package, you can tell that’s built with durability in mind. (Perfect for cats like mine that like to throw things off your desk!) SK hynix keeps all of its components in-house, which goes a long way for quality control, and that’s not something most SSD manufacturers can claim.

My new Gold S31 delivers read speeds up to a whopping 560MB/s. The speeds are high, consistent and reliable – meeting or exceeding my other name-brand competitor drives that were more expensive.

For the price, quality, and speed, the SuperCore series of SSDs is a game-changer for gamers and creatives like me. Now, to upgrade my computer’s memory…

Saving Consumers on One Thing They Can’t Purchase More of – Time

By Tyler Treese, Gamer and Entertainment Critic (@tylertreese)

Usually there is a trade-off on quality when buying a cheap Serial ATA solid-state drive, but that isn’t the case with the SK hynix Gold S31. It’s the best bang for your buck that you can get on the market right now, and there’s no reason to break the bank when you can get an SSD that is top-notch in its speed, quality and endurance at a price that everyone can afford.

Getting work done quicker means
there is more time to play for Tyler

Thanks to its incredible read speed of up to 560 MB/s and a write speed of up to 525 MB/s, the SK hynix Gold S31 delivers top-of-the-line performance. Thanks to its free and easy data migration tool, I was able to quickly get all of my work onto the 1TB device. This speed is essential and makes the product a must-buy. In my tests with the product, I was able to quickly render large videos in considerably less time than it used to take. Now with no reason to wait around, I’m able to stay productive and finish my work faster.

Beyond the practical work applications that will make my life much easier, I also found the SK hynix Gold S31 to be great for recreation. After installing some of my favorite games on the solid-state drive, I was impressed with just how quickly they all loaded compared to before. Rather than staring at a loading screen, I was already on a gorgeous seafaring adventure with friends in Sea of Thieves and enjoying all that the old west has to offer in Red Dead Redemption 2. Both are rather large titles, and the latter game sits at over 100 GB, but I still had plenty of space to spare on the 1TB SSD. Once again, this one purchase was paying dividends as it saves the consumer on the one thing that they can’t purchase any more of – time. No matter if it’s for work or play, the impressive speed and quality of the SSD makes a noticeable impact.

Another plus is that the 2.5-inch SSD is built for the long haul as it comes with a five-year warranty. That means you don’t have to worry about the device failing, and it can write up to 600 terabytes during its lifetime as well. That’s an impressive lifespan and further cements it as a great piece of hardware for such an affordable price, but that’s exactly what consumers have come to expect from the company that has been delivering great SSDs since 2013.


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Setting a Standard for Storage Devices

And there you have it. Whether it’s for video editing or graphic designing or gaming – the SuperCore series brings speed, reliability, durability and productivity to the next level with storage capacities ranging from 250GB to 1TB to meet the needs of all PC users.

The SuperCore series is a true gamechanger in the industry and carries along SK hynix’s legacy as one of the world’s leading memory provider. It is SK hynix’s advanced core technology that powers these devices – and in turn – powers the performance of creators and gamers. Gold S31 SSD is setting a standard for storage devices, and as these reviews show, once you get your hands on it – you’ll be hesitant to let it go.