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hynix Announces Industry’s first 60nm 1Gb DDR2 800MHz based Modules

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Seoul, December 18, 2006

hynix Semiconductor today introduced a family of components and high capacity modules, based on the industry’s first 60nm 1Gb DDR2 DRAM. hynix is also the first DRAM supplier to be validated by Intel on the 1Gb DDR2 DRAM component, and modules using this component are under evaluation. The successful launch of the 60nm process has established hynix as a leader in state-of-the-art DRAM design and process development.

The 1GB and 2GB UDIMMs boast operating speeds of 800MHz – the fastest in the industry. As the 60nm process ramps, manufacturing cost of the 1Gb DRAM is expected to decline up to 50% when compared to first generation 80nm technologies, significantly improving hynix’s cost competitiveness in the industry.

The resulting 1Gb package size will allow hynix to cost-efficiently manufacture 4GB and higher density RDIMMs (Registered DIMM) and FBDIMMs (Fully Buffered DIMM). Planar dual-row assembly, made possible by the small package size, will eliminate the need to stack components in some modules, reducing overall manufacturing costs.

Very Low profile (VLP) modules would also be enabled by the small package. “Our 60nm process has been highly stable, even under worst case conditions” says Mr. Hong Sung Joo, hynix VP of Product Development. “Additionally the 3D transistor architecture and triple-metal layer process significantly improves speed-power characteristics of the components”, he said.

The 60nm process based 1Gb 800MHz DDR2 DRAM component and the 2GB module, will go into volume production as the market matures early in the first half of 2007. hynix will continue to enhance this process for use in future high density DRAM components, and high performance products such as graphic and mobile DRAMs. With this announcement, hynix has established its leadership in the rapidly growing DDR2 market place. The company will continue to enhance technology development and marketing of DDR2 products to meet its customers’ requirements.

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